RAC 171


700171 Hydropneumatic tool for blind rivets


Hydropneumatic tool with holding of the rivet and nail recovery for blind rivets and structural high performances FARBOLT rivets and similar.
Standard rivets Ø 4,8 except for aluminium.
Standard rivets Ø 7,8 only in aluminium

Maintenance instructions are available in the Video section.
Maximum force 17273 N.
Stroke 25.5 mm.

Standard rivets
Multistage rivets
3/16 (4.8) Except Alum.
.236 (6)
1/4 (6.4)
.307 (7.8) Alum. Only

Additional information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions20 × 16 × 8 in



Instructions for oil refilling

Instructions in case of nail's block

Instructions for clamps maintenance


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